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You may be wondering what is this “Support Us” that we are talking about?


Well, My Dear Friend – There is a very serious issue that all the business entrepreneurs in this country are facing today. As a business entrepreneur, I am sure that you must have heard about CIBIL, CIBIL Score & other credit bureaus and how they are playing havoc in every business entrepreneur’s life & their ambitions.


Have you ever realized that these so called Credit Information Companies also called “Credit Monitoring & Credit tracking Agencies” like CIBIL, Equifax, Trans Union, Experian etc are literally killing the Business entrepreneurs & Entrepreneurship not only in India but all over the world by their Credit monitoring, Credit history and Credit Scores?


Is there any business entrepreneur in this world who does not have a bad loan? The great American economist Mr. Paul Volcker who helped shape American economic policy for more than six decades and also served twice as Chairman of the Federal Reserve of the USA for about 10 years under two US Presidents namely Jimmy Carter & Ronald Reagan once told …..


If you don’t have some bad loans, you are not in business” – Paul Volcker


If you dig deep into financial history of all the big business houses, most of them have had bad loans & have defaulted on their loans at some point in time. Today, even Government departments, State Governments & even large countries are defaulting on their loan repayments. There is nothing strange or unusual about this.


Now the question is – Have they all come into the radar of these credit monitoring agencies before they did any further business? Have they all been given poor credit scores? Is there a bad credit history existing for all these big companies & big business houses?


In reality, nothing of that sort has happened. If so, those big business would not have grown & become so big today which means either these credit monitoring agencies have simply ignored these big business houses or it has had very little effect on these big business houses.


But how about small & medium business entrepreneurs? The Credit Scores generated by these credit monitoring agencies would have a devastating effect on them which literally could kill the small & medium business entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurship dreams.


In the guise of fraud protection & helping the Banks & financial institutions, these credit monitoring agencies are silently tracking, monitoring & recording every single financial transaction of each one of us without our knowledge & permission. Then all our personal data is captured and sold openly in the market to anyone or to any bank or to any financial institution for a hefty fee which goes into the coffers of these credit monitoring agencies. This has become a big business.

Based upon their clandestine capture of our personal data, recordings & monitoring, these credit monitoring agencies prepare “Credit History” and come out with a “Credit Score” based on certain parameters set by them.


This credit history and Credit score is nothing but a continuous vilification campaign of the entrepreneurs, which discourages potential & prospective lenders in granting any kind of business loans, personal loans or even small loans to meet any emergencies to the entrepreneurs.


Now these credit monitoring agencies by their credit history and credit score, literally pass a judgment on the entrepreneurs, whether the entrepreneurs are good, not so good, mediocre or bad and whether they are eligible & deserve the loan or not etc.


Now my question is – who are these Credit Information Companies and monitoring agencies to decide & pass a judgment on the entrepreneurs, whether someone is good, not so good, mediocre or bad? What right do they have? This judgment, credit history and credit score would remain in the public domain for a minimum period of 7-10 years or even more. How can the RBI blindly have faith & entrust some private companies to snoop on a million citizens of this country?


Is it a crime to become a business entrepreneur? Is failing in a business endeavor a bigger crime? That’s what the Government, the Banks and the financial institutions think.


It is very sad to note, instead of supporting & encouraging business entrepreneurs, the Governments & Banks have created a system which would not only discourage them but ultimately kill them & their entrepreneurship dreams. The Government & banks should note that, it is quite normal for business entrepreneurs to fail in their ventures & hence should not only encourage but also support the entrepreneurs, after all the entrepreneurs are “Job Creators”.


The above matter is just one of the many other serious matters that are being taken with the Supreme Court. The issues are not only very unfair but are draconian which need to be resolved & possibly be abolished & eradicated. These issues are beneficial to very few but to a very great extent detrimental to all business entrepreneurs and to our country at large.


I have already taken up & brought up all these serious issues with the Reserve Bank of India, Ministry of Finance Government of India, leading Banks in the Public and Private sector and also with all the four Credit bureaus. I have even sought information and have filed many queries under the RTI Act Right to Information Act. But till now, I have just got only evasive replies and not any positive replies. They are very jealously safe guarding all their wrong practices & draconian procedures without realizing the fact they are destroying the very entrepreneurship in the country. We must also remember the fact all these Credit Information Companies are worth thousands of Crores. Why would they accept their faults & try to correct, ruining thousands of Crore business. Hence I don’t see any point in pursuing the matter with these banks & credit information companies.


I am now in the process of filing a PIL “Public Interest Litigation” in the Honorable Supreme Court of India since this is a very serious matter which is affecting millions of people especially the entrepreneurs.


The common citizens and the business entrepreneurs are always busy in their own world & have no time to take up these kinds of issues & wage a legal battle against the Government, Reserve Bank of India & with those Credit Information Companies. Hence I have taken it personally & have decided to fight against the system on behalf of all the entrepreneurs & common citizens.


Hence I need your moral support in fighting this case. Apart from moral support, I also need financial support from one & all especially from those who have been affected by these draconian laws, to fight a legal battle against a well-established system, big institutions & against Government.


We have to collectively stand against this draconian system & fight against this. Unless & until we eradicate these draconian practices from the country, entrepreneurs are not only constantly harassed but even the very entrepreneurship in this country will never see its glory days.


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Thank you very much for reading this matter. I look forward not only for your Moral Support, Opinion & Contribution but also look forward to hear from you.


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